Mumi dåse ABC Tea Tin

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Mumi dåse Sketch Tea Tin

12 x 10 x 8 cm

Hand wash, dry entirely


A black and white tea tin with a detail-rich Moomin design. The tin has a tightly closing hermetic lid with a metal hinge. Height 9,5 cm.

The Moomins, created by Tove Jansson, are fictive characters who live in Moominvalley together with their friends and neighbours – all loved all around the world. Though the Moomin stories as comics have lovely, clever illustrations, there is magic in words and in being able to combine letters into those words. For this print, the calligraphic letters of the alphabet have lured the Moomins, and the familiar characters have approached the… characters, admiring and examining the details and curves of the letters. Which letters have they chosen?

The tin jar comes with plastic seal edges to make the lid hermetic, and a metallic hinge to keep the lid with the jar at all times. The jar is washed by hand and should be dried carefully. The tin makes a lovely, special Moomin addition to the kitchen and it is easily combined with other items in the Moomin ABC collection.