MOOMIN Harvest Fest Mini Silicone Spatula

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MOOMIN Harvest Fest Mini Silicone Spatula

3 x 21 x 1 cm

Silicone, wood

Please wash by hand

A small spatula with a wooden handle and a silicone head. Length 21 cm. Atmospheric colours and a Moomin theme for lovely baking moments!

Moominvalley is celebrating autumn harvest! Paper lanterns are put up to twinkle in the night, fruit and vegetables are being brought to the party, and there are plenty of fun activities to take part in. Snorkmaiden has chosen to take the slide, a group of dance lovers have gathered in the middle, Sniff has an announcement to make, and Moominpappa is writing an autumn poet in his mind. Mrs Fillyjonk has gathered her children; it is late and time for bed. An immersive picture of a very successful party!

The small silicone spatula does not scratch pots and pans, great for both mixing ingredients, spooning and spreading. The silicone head is flexible and has a curved edge that makes scraping batter out of bowls easier. The spatula is also a nifty tool for spreading icing or frosting. The handle is made of wood, and it comes with a small hanging hole and a Moomintroll quote stating, ‘He must have been very happy. He did a somersault here – that's clear enough’. The silicone head comes with an Autumn Harvest illustration. Happy bakings!