Meraki Diffuser, Verbena drizzle or Vivid Shades

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Verbena Drizzle:

Spread a lovely and calming scent at home with Meraki's diffuser, Verbena Drizzle. The diffuser comes in a simple glass bottle with small wooden sticks that spread the lovely scent in your room and home. Use the diffuser in your bathroom and place it on a tray or in combination with other decorative elements to create a stylish home decor.

Diffuser, Verbena drizzle, h: 26 cm, dia: 5.6 cm, 8.12 fl.oz/ 240 ml


Vivid Shades:

Get a gentle welcome with a mild scent in your bathroom or entrance. Meraki presents the diffuser, Vivid Shades, which has a delicate scent that is relaxing for both mind and body. The diffuser has a simple and clean-cut design that makes it ideal as decoration in your bathroom. Give your decor an extra touch by combining the diffuser with other decorative elements on a beautiful tray.

h: 26 cm, dia: 5.6 cm, 8.12 fl.oz/ 240 ml