Mumi dåse Orchid Espresso Tin

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Mumi dåse Orchid Espresso Tin

12x 14,5 x 7,5 cm


Hand wash, dry carefully

A dark and atmospheric 15 cm tall espresso tin with an airtight lid. The espresso tin has a beautiful, vibrant Orchid print with Moominvalley residents admiring orchids and other plants. The Orchid collection brings beauty to your home, and it is also a great gift idea!

What a lovely place, full of beautiful flowers! Snufkin and Moomintroll are sitting still, enjoying the lush shrubs and large orchids. Hemulen wants to examine the plants as Little My has climbed up a stem and looking around. Who would’ve thought that orchids were so exciting and beautiful!

The espresso tin opens with hinges and it has seals that make it airtight. Wash the espresso tin by hand and dry it well. The espresso tin is beautiful on its own or it can be combined with the whole beautiful Orchid collection!

Moomin joy and atmosphere to your kitchen!