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Super smart kortholder til både mænd og kvinder i en lækker kvalitet. Med denne kortholde har du et nemt oveblik, da dine kort glider ud i trin-format, når du trykker på knappen i bunden.

Housing: solid aluminium 
Construction: stainless steel and POM

Product: 63 * 102 * 8 mm

The Cardprotector is the core of the SECRID product line. The aluminium Cardprotector protects your six most important cards, both against bending and breaking and against your RFID cards being scanned if you don't want them to be (such as the transportation pass, ID card, the latest credit cards and business cards).

Some cards have thickened letters, this is called embossing. You can store up to six cards in the Cardprotector, including one with embossing. Or up to five cards, three of which with embossing. The SECRID Cardprotector is only 8 mm thick and has been awarded a Red Dot Design Award.

 "flip up" til dine mest bruge kort

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