MOOMIN Garden Mini Silicone Spatula

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MOOMIN Garden Mini Silicone Spatula

3 x 21 x 1 cm

Silicone, wood

Please wash by hand

There is a festive atmosphere in Moominvalley and most of the inhabitants have gathered in the garden to enjoy good company and all kinds of goodies. Moominmamma has baked a big cake to celebrate the occasion and there are balloons and flowers everywhere. As Snufkin plays his music, there is a happy summer atmosphere.

A part of these festivities is illustrated on the white head of this spatula. The silicone head is flexible, with a curved edge that makes scraping batter out of bowls easier. The spatula is also the perfect tool for mixing ingredients. As silicone does not scratch, it is safe to use also on non-stick surfaces. The small size of the spatula makes it perfect for kids and for tasks that demand more accuracy. The wooden handle features a quotation by Moominmamma (from The Exploits of Moominpappa): “All nice things are good for you.” For happy baking moments and a fun kitchen!