Hans Bølling Strit

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Hans Bølling Strit


Hans Bølling Strit

Materiale: Bøg / Teak

Mål: H 13 cm


Design Hans Bølling 1958


Hans Bolling is a modern architect with a big heart and big ideas. His most recognisable design trademark is the irresistible quality of playfulness and fun light heartedness that is apparent in all of his works.

As adults, it is sometimes hard not to take ourselves so seriously. With our busy grown up lives there is often little time for reflection, self-irony and play. Strit is here to change that.

His role is to remind ourselves that we need to take life with a pinch of salt, take a step back and re-examine our position from a different point of view.

With his mobile body, you can arrange him into any position desirable, allowing him to express anything form surprise to concern and everything in between.